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by early lover of mankind

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released September 29, 2018


all rights reserved



early lover of mankind East Hartford, Connecticut

a boring ass white dude caught in a feeling

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Track Name: h a a p p y
please make anything you're happy with
cuz im running out of condolences
you've been under a rock
i assure you you've missed plenty
you've made countless purchases
and blamed it on account of all this nervousness
you've got all this stuff but somehow still feel empty
why feel empty?

i've grown plenty
lived out every delusion that i could
i've been forming 'em
since i was twenty

wish these kinds of lessons had a learning curve
you can be lumped in or give everyone
that song that they don't deserve
give them their just desserts
call in all favors
try to wake the neighbors

Track Name: song for g o o d & b a d friends
im not hanging out with you
ive got better things to do
if you're feeling like i do
we should talk about this soon
pick apart the points of stress
drift apart and reconnect
all the time that we'd invest
they'd write books about the shit

as your friend i hope
that the loves prolonged and incredible
feel so far from human i cant complain
may it all unfold
into something sweet
nearly edible
just dont call me up to talk how it tastes

yeah ill let it go
my bad

spend all day alone in bed
in the realms of my own head

the unraveling of my thread
keeps me meditative at best
when ive got nothing to say to them
nothing i havent
nothing i cant
but ive gotta give em every chance
to make the changes and amends
what is it they say about friends?
keep em for closure?

i get on the bus im never coming back
you get all the chances that i wish i had
you get all the sickness
i get all the bad
Track Name: no fun
im no fun
im no fun
do whatever that you tell me to
without a second guess
im no fun
dialed in yet confused
no rest
prodigal and abused
i must have something to say
though it escapes me now
im no fun
i could and change it up
but no matter what i do
im no fun

now theres these sentimental words
hanging off our lips
got your coordinates and ah
it makes me wanna shake my hips
cuz you're fun
every moment feels new
and so what
i fantasize about ya too

theres a feeling in the air
but im hesitant to say that its love
cuz more often than not im just caught in a feeling
but for once its feeling true

simple as this
no analogies
no awkward platitudes

im feeling close to you
someone please call up a doctor
my heart is exploding
im rooted and reeling
im stuck to the ceiling
thank goodness im stuck in this mess with you
feels like i can loosen my noose
Track Name: wear what you want
wear what you want to the party honey, i just wanna follow your lead
heels hit the ground and we started running
every day we're picking up speed
this doesnt happen to me that often
hope its cool im saying my piece
this started off as a love song or something
i lost my train of thought
now im rambling

you wear tassles, ill wear blue
we'll drink off our points of view
who couldnt help but start falling in love with a premise that's so picturesque?

im trying to just be myself

lost my acquaintance with the fool's gold
aint that some shit
shout out the "doing what you can" folk
still cranking out the hits
i bet you wonder what im doing
with all this excess time on my hands

you win battles, i sing the blues
we'll fuck up, we'll misconstrue
think its time i wrap this up
cuz im rambling again

are you having fun ?
dont we both look stunning ?
i can tell by the look on your face
that you hope that our love stays just endless stunting
wine drunk bliss, no personal space

and when our time comes
and i cant help but overstate
that our times gonna come
where we're gonna have to
give it all up
Track Name: u p k e e p
Please step out of your glass room something to tell you feels like a stone I can tell by the weight I know I'm on your time so I'm bringing white wine I wanna talk shit im sorry im late I roll in like an echo bouncing off every word you say shaking in black boots feeling way too thin

We broke bread and we guilt tripped we talked about something could've been God could've been what we ate cried out “get to the fun shit! I'm feeling love you're feeling love what's to debate?” we fall in and we let go just professing our grand mistakes, all of the bad moves made when life looked grim

That’s about the time that both of us checked out

So come on now move your hips
like we’ve got no lives to live
let’s put all our problems in perspective for a little while

“Oh right what I mentioned on the phone! I hope it's fine I've been leaving you alone there were scandals and divides, that's too much upkeep. So quick to call you my friend I slipped up and acted out without a plan but I hope you know I'm still your biggest fan, that remains concrete”
Track Name: u p s t a i r s (form n cares)
Here's to the voice upstairs
teaching me how to care
don't wanna see me fail
As much as I don't
sometimes my soul peeks thru
He's tryna share the truth
you'll need his point of view
As much as your own
wonder if you're fun to bounce off of
Check my schedule, grave thoughts poppin up
“Stick with whatcha know”
“they don't really care”
all thanks to the voice upstairs
Got me crawling outta quicksand
what will you think if I do declare
independance from form and cares?
Do i have to make myself scarce
to let bygones be bygones?
I've got a friend or two
We don't share in points view
as long as I have you
I won't wonder why, God
when my body's all used up I'll know
It was just another trip for sure
so I drop the four chord in
When I need a little hope
Sing “cheers to life part two”
do a few things over again
Cuz ya just can't pick and choose
who stands close and stays proud of you
you're not suffering
You're just growing old
Track Name: the benefit of the doubt
there's an ebb and a flow
and a constant unknown that youve gotta see through
happiness is over the hill
so why you gettin so stoned?
don't you wanna be happy with you?
hangout in a place where you always improve?
i think it's time you made some fuckin moves
you've given yourself quite a bit
of benefit of the doubt

cuz you'll never find heaven
putting drugs in your nose
or wasting time digesting
everybody's story but your own
so work a little harder
rise a little earlier to catch that worm
not every boring ass white dude
caught in a feeling
'sgonna be of much concern

if im being honest i've been thinking bout death man
singing from a coffin might just pack enough heads in
i could sing a blues worthy of my resurrection
only to be swept past in your news feed
but that's alright with me
that's how everyone's gettin down

don't you wanna feel like you have a use?
dangle from a thread instead of a noose?
so every time you've got nothing to prove
admire your predicament
that's the benefit of working it out

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